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about me?
hey, I'm luz, I had another account but it was too easy to find and I want witty to be a place where I can open up to you all and not be conscious. I really don't know what else to put here but there's a bit about me and how I feel in my quotes so go check them out.

Quotes by luz


hey guys. I'm back. maybe for longer than last time, maybe not. either way, i'm back for now. 

i've had a pretty bad week tbh 

remember when I had that interview like last week?well yeah so today I got a letter saying I didn't get it, as expected, but even though I expected it I'm actually really angry because everyone else got it who applied...apart from me. And the funniest part about it was it was because they didn't like my answer to the question "do you think reading for fun is important?" in which i answered "it would benefit people but I wouldn't say it was important, if someone wants to read for fun then they will,if they don't then fair enough." now literally out of say 30 people who applied, 7 actually read for fun, me being one of them. They didn't approve of my Answers because I didn't bull my way through them, i'm so annoyed, so I what I've learned is in an interview lie,  because your actual opinions are wrong and not appreciated. rant over. 

"if I'm tired i'm tired of telling you I'm never tired I'm always better than you, bye boy run to your mother. 
                                                             - Franz ferdinand | this boy

*slowly tries to drift away from you*

being a twin may seem great and a lot of you say "i wish i was a twin" and yeah sure, it was great and we were really close but eventually they'll prioritize a lot over you, and considering you were so close before it hurts. and then you start getting compared to one another, and hes the smarter one out of me and him so whenever i do anything good hes done something better, hes always the better one and he gets the most recognition for what he does so im pushed to the side, so no, i no longer like being a twin./b>

i can't vent because whenever I try it seems to little of a deal but it's not just the little things, it's all of the little things that have brought me to this point where I just want to be as far away from you as possible.

and here I am at 12am, unable to sleep, crying and in pain. All that just because you decided to treat me like dirt, disinclude me and ignore me, so yeah, thanks for that, I mean I hope at least you made yourself feel good because sure as hell you didn't make me feel good.

i love being alone more than anything but I hate it when people do things without me. 

lol I have no friends, but what I do have is films so who is the real winner here?