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I love my friends, I don't know where I'd be without them.


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There's just something about boys that I love. I don't know if it's their smell? Oh my god, I love the smell of boys. Not dirty grubby greasy cheesburger smell, but, yaknow, the 'boy smell'. I love boy's cologne. If boys smell good, it makes them 10x more attractive. Mmm I love when they give you their tshirt and it smells exactly like them, and you sleep in it for days, and you get pissed when it stops smelling like them. Or maybe it's their build, like muscles. I know this one boy who has a really sexy back.. but he's my bestfriend's man. hehe. I love hot muscular boys; I know that's so typical for a teenage girl, but seriously, why wouldn't we love muscular boys? I don't know any girl who wants a scrawny little boy. One that doesn't know shit about anything important. Like, yardwork, or any kind of work like around the house. Building, landscaping, etc. I don't know why I just find it extremely sexy. Maybe cause I know they're not completely clueless about life, or cause I know they're not geeky little nerds who play WOW all day and don't have any real friends. Who knows. I don't know why someone would be in love with a scrawny little know it all who only talks to people online.. But hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.

Someone once told me that you can't be bestfriends with a boy because you always end up falling for them. I didn't think it was true until I fell for this one boy, we weren't super close at the time, but still. Anyway, it didn't work out. I had this best guy friend, that I won't name, and we had been bestfriends for 2 years, and I liked him off and on again, and I never knew if he liked me. Turns out he did, we dated for 4 months. Basically, he's not the person I thought I knew for 2 years, and we don't talk anymore. Fucker. Anyway. This is going to sound really bad on my part, but while I was dating that douchebag I got really close with that other guy I mentioned a few seconds ago, and he sorta replaced the other guy as my bestfriend. Wanna know a secret? I never lost feelings for this boy. I tried to, but they're still there. Not as much as before, but they're there. I love this boy to death, he's my bestfriend and I don't know what I would do without him. He's helped me so much with anything and everything- he's there for me no matter what. Why am I telling you my love life? Oh, cause it's 1 am and I have nothing else to do. I hope this story didn't confuse you with the two boys mentioned..Oh yeah the point of this story...I guess that person was right. You can never just be best friends with the opposite sex...<3
What else can I ramble on about...
I guess it doesn't really matter. I doubt anyone will ever read this. :p Whatevs. I like talking to myself...I was on a roll for a while...maybe cause that's all that's bothering me right now. Dunno. Anyways, if anyone ever reads this, I hope I kept you entertained. I had a long night, and a long day and I'm running on 6 hours of sleep in a tent. Okay, I'm done talking now...


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Attractive Person: hi
Me: is this some kind of sick joke

Kim Kardashian's marriage was shorter than
the line of trick-or-treaters outside of Casey Anthony's house.


*song     comes     on   that   you   haven't   heard   in   2   yea r s*

"Omg    I    still   know    all    the   words!  "







* s omet hing  you  learned  2   yea r s  ago *




" : /    uh . . ."








My niece was born at 7:43 this morning.

Happiest moment of my life <3

Sometimes when I'm alone

I like to cover myself

with vaseline and pretend I'm a slug.

*youtube comment.

@ girls who think they're better than everyone else.
Teachers turn into complete idiots trying to get the dvd player to work.