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Quotes by lvitale09

he finally
asked me out 


It's crazy how much you change from when your with just me,
and when your with me and your friends...



I feel naked withoumy phone.

One night it's "lovyou"                                                                                                                           Then the next it's "hatyou"

He sings to me on the phone
and even though he isn't a good singer,
still love him



I love him

He calls me every night just to tell me he loves me.
He is always there for me.
He gets jealous when i talk to other guys in front of him.
He is so sweet.
He calls me beautiful instead of hot.
He stays up with me even though he is falling asleep on the phone.
He is my best friend. 


I love him,
                                                                but he loves her




If you ask me how I'm doing
I would say I'm doing just fine
I woulliand say 
that you're not on my mind 

He got me a present for Valentine's Day,
He talks on the phone with me every night,
He calls me his baby,
 He tells me he can't stop thinking about me,
He tells me I'm beautiful,
He tells me he loves me.

and we aren't even dating