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Hey everyone...My name Is Desiree..i'm 12 i'm in 7th grade...i play softball volleyball and i run cross country n track hMmMm..i don't know what else so bye

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alright...I dont have a quote but i have something to say, I never thought that i would ever EVER be able to Love someone..i never thought I was going to find someone...i always thought that i'd be the one who didn't need a boyfriend, the one who didn't need a guy to make me happy...that was all untill the summer or 2003 when i met him.!. I fell in love.. and i fell hard..day and night i thought about him I love him more then anything...he means soo much more to me then he'll ever know..i never thought i could ever be this happy just looking at him makes me smile for the rest of the day..hes not only my boyfriend but he's also my best friend and no matter what happens i'll always love him!

I love you steve!!

xO Desiree Ox
*who in the bushes you better speak out
or ima let my shot gun song sing out..*
*Who is this hope this ain't the law jumped out
the bushes with my sold off shot gun*
*Come on out right now i'm getting angry
took a step back cause it could get dangerous*
*please don't shoot its just me Thug queen n horse stealer*
*then why the hell you's hidein in them bushes*
*i'm wanted in four countys for armed revelry,
killed to sherifs six of his best men with my hand stole
to horses thought you was the law thats why i jumped in the bushes*
*goodness now she was hotter then a barrel of fire
n i could use her for the job so i told her to ride (c'mon)*
*May i ask you what you headin to the west fo'*
*i got a partner got a plan for some doe
n if your down you can pick up yourself a pritty penny
we'll be in town in a minute now be sure if your ready*
*be there for the sunrise gota stalin for your partner to ride
hit it in the low in the motion we're down
for whatever lets ride,lets ride*
..*: HoLd Me In YoUr ArMs :*..
:+:n never let go:+:
|[tell me that you love me]|
*(--> then baby let it show <--)*

I love you steve!!

xO Desiree Ox