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I believe in music the same way little kids believe in fairytales.

Live Life...get in the water and swim.
-Bobb Watkins

Quotes by lynzee

A four year old just told me to 
turn my music down.
As if I'm going to listen.
From where I'm sitting, looking out my window it looks like spring.
I dont want to move because I dont want it to be ruined with how much snow it on the ground that I can't see.
I need someone to talk to....and takers?
Fan fiction is my life.
I just walked out into my kitchen to find my parents playing connect 4.
According to the laws of physics, everything has a force of attraction to everything else.
This means that everything is attracted to you.
Which means everybody is attracted to you.
So, your crush is attracted to you.
It's physics. You can't argue against that.
Black Friday:
America's version of the hunger games.
I think part of the reason I'm so quiet now is when my brother told me to shut up because I was being annoying like two years ago.
My headphones only work when I hold them in a certain position.
I don't think I have ever stayed in the same position for so long.

  I'm sorry.
I say stupid things.
I'm always in a bad mood.
I irritate you.
I'm annoying.
I make you worry.
I'm easily offended.
I complain a lot.
I'm not that entertaining.
I have little self confidence.
I'm always getting hurt,
I take things to seriously.
I'm too attached.
I don't like PDA.
I'm antisocial.
I get nervous easily.
I'm awkward.
I don't talk around your family.
I'm sorry.