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I believe in music the same way little kids believe in fairytales.

Live Life...get in the water and swim.
-Bobb Watkins

Quotes by lynzee

I'm so out of shape,
Internet Explorer could probably outrun me.
Those highly unattractive Snapchat pictures you send to your best friend.
When I have no Internet:

It's a beautiful sunny day. The birds are chirping. The children are all out playing. And um...well, I'm going to glue my hands together and try to peel an orange.
While I should be getting some sleep,
I'm getting a head start on my summer reading project.
Not going to procrastinate on this one!
Save gas, buy a Ford!
They only run half the time.

There was a spider
in my shower this morning.
I am proud to announce
the shower only needs
minor repairs.

It's pretty sad that
the pockets in my shorts are much bigger
than the pockets in my jeans.
I just wish I had someone I could actually talk to and tell them everything...without them getting annoyed or talking about me behind my back.
I'm really sick of my friends.
They're really not much of friends.
I believe in music the same way that some people believe in fairytales.
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