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Hey There.
( my namei is jami and this is my witty )

random facts about me:

i am 14 years old.
blonde hair ; brown eyes.
i call the east coast my home.
 january 5th bithday. dont you forget it.
i paint my nails when i have a lot on my mind.
i think chipotle burrito bowls are amazing.
iowa is the most amazing place in the world.
i love to listen to music. my ipod is my life.
i try to be a good person so leave some messages.
i will try to write back. ohh, and jockers?
jock my friends quote and i find out. 
you will get hate messages. not threat.
that's a full on promise :]

check her out


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all time low.amber pacific.avril lavigne.boys like girls
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Quotes by lyrical_sensation

           l  o r d     g e t     m e     o u t    o f
   this city tonight cause you are what
     x x x x x    MADE ME FEEL ALIVE    x x x x x
            here i am again running from the truth just know
    that you move me like ive never been moved

color credit to ___cityofangels
it's hard to make conversation when you're
t a k i n g   m y   b r e a t h   a w a y
: every  script  is the same. dramatic actors fill roles of  two
: teenagers in  love.  people are  always  watching.  saying
: what  they're  doing  right  and what they're doing wrong.
: telling  them  how  their  supposed  to  feel.  what  they're
: supposed  to  do. and in the end? they're expected to ride
: off into the sunset together. puh-lease. this isn't Hollywood.
: this is real life. no scripts. no second takes. just real people
: tired  of  [ Hollywood dreams ] that  will  never  come  true.
stop tapand end scene
Life  has a  funny  way of
stabbing you in the back
least expect it
|can't  bite  my 
 `- - - - >tongue forever
rumors consume her from the
edge  of  her  bed  out  of  the

lips of her friends
hold me close
i find myself drifting further
and further away from you
whenever you’re around, i feel so vulnerable. so scared.
i like you, but i’ve been broken so many times before. i
just  need  you  to  reassure  me  that  my  heart  is
safe with you

the closer i get to you
-------->the more i feel i should push you away

every girl makes
the same wish. “I want him to like me back.” But I don’t
spend  my  valuable  time  hoping  that  some  boy  will
suddenly be infatuated with me too. I spend it enjoying
my life, with or without him. Because I don’t want a boy
to like me because a wish came true. I want him to like
me of his own decision