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absolute bliss 

To my love:

Stay with me. Live with me forever. Laugh with me as we grow old together, reminiscing on our leaps of faith we took for one another. Look to the heavens as your guide and my touch as your reassurance. Thank you for your constant comfort, your neverending companionship, and your bountiful soul. For our connection, I am infinitly greatful.

I am truly in love with you.

"After everything we've been through,
I know 
we'll make it."
Love is absolutely beautiful.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 
And truly,

we all grow up eventually.
When you find the love of your life, you know. You know when he talks to you like he speaks to no one else. You know when he asks to meet at Denny's at five in the morning, only to split peanut butter-chocolate pancakes and a plate of hashbrowns. You know when you steal a shirt or a jacket here and there just to keep his smell around. You know when he offers to watch a marathon of your favorite movies, even if they're not his.

When you find the love of your life, take care of him. Take care of him, because you know he needs just as many long hugs and sick-day chocolate milk runs to the store as you do. Take care of him, because he is not the only one who has to drive many miles to see you. Take care of him, because you understand that sometimes he needs that time to just take a break and play video games for five hours. Take care of him, because you know he will always do the same for you.

When you find the love of your life, don't lose him. Don't take advantage of his time. Let him kiss you in public. Tell him what's in your heart and on your mind. And let him do the same. It's okay to fight, as long as you make up before you leave. Let him know when you need attention, but pay attention to him. Take credit for your faults, because he loves you anyways.

Keeping a relationship requires persitence, hard work, tolerance, with a little bit of fun in the mix. Don't EVER leave out the fun. Don't ever say things you'll regret, not to him or the people around you. Don't ever let someone tell you that you two spend too much time together; that time is so valuable. Don't forget to say "I love you". You never know what you have until it's gone.

When you find the love of your life, you'll either stay with him forever or you'll drift apart. Believe it or not, both will end up being alright. You may find another to share your life with one day. Just know that you did find that love, and it will live on within you forever. 

And that is truly the greatest gift of all.
The Notebook <3

You never know
How long you have
Speak. Love. Laugh. Cherish. Prosper. LIVE. Be yourself.

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