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Quotes by macdaddy118

Grieving means believing those
you love were once a part of you.
When we love the ones we love,
we lose a part of our hearts, too. 

          Mm, what did you say?
      That you only meant well?
         Well, of course you did.

                                                        Mm, what'd you say?    
                                                     That it's all for the best?
                                                               Of course it is.    
                                                                                            That this is what we need - 
                                                                                                      You decided this. 

Political Poem
The renowned rat race is about to begin;
honestly I don't care for any of them to win.
Because truth be told, as a matter of fact,

the winner of the race is merely a rat.


only two positions:
victimizer or victim
both end up in

destruction for
trusting this
crooked system

Every breath I breathe
and every step I take,
the clock keeps ticking
bringin' me closer to fate.

They say the good die young, I must be on my way

Love doesn’t die,
people do.
So, when all

that’s left of 
me is love,
give me away.

only a pro gets me to 

swearing off  men

with his name

We worship in the bedroom.
The only heaven I'll be sent to,
is when I'm alone with you.

even if love didn't
grow in their heart

learn to be content
that it grew in yours

please don't be mad with me
I       have       no       identity

all   that   I've   known   is   gone
all      I      was      building     on