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Hi i'm Maddi, I'm a really good listener. if you ever want to talk or vent you can always talk to me. I like to give advise. I have my own story and I know everyone else here does too. Wanna get to know me just ask.(:

I'm 13 but i know i dont look like it. i play volleyball and basketball.  I have my fair share of problems like everybody else does. I like to talk to people so again if you ever want to just comment.(:

Quotes by maddirae200

dear guy,

why are you so hard to find?

Love, every girl who wants a Nicholas Sparks romance.

producers told Adele she needed to lose weight.
she replied by saying,
"I make music for ears, not for eyes."

Fave if you think Adeles voice is beautiful.
trying to remember what the hell happened last night.

Shes not pretty.

Stopping your microwave at 0:01 because  you're a bomb defuse expert.
I need to stop going back to him.
Be careful of who you trust.
Some people care.
But most are just curious.
She cheated on you
I would never
She hurt you
I couldn't do that to you
She'll get bored with you
I don't find that possible
She likes you
I love you.
keep your head high
and your middle finger higher