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bras are so expensive like i didn’t choose the boob life the boob life chose me
she's broken
Format by Breeze
just don't
     look  at  each  other

   talk  to  each  other

   touch  each  other

    love  each  other

like that.


Friend: Facebook is wayy better than witty.
Me: Eat a Snickers.
Friend: Why?
Me: Because your a freaking idiot when your hungry.

Depression is looking in the mirror and seeing the truth
and yet not recognizing the face.
looking at everybody that is happy 
and thinking 'why can't that be me'
hearing your laugh and having it seem fake to even you
feeling nothing but the pain.
so I'll sit in the bathroom and cry to myself like I always have, with the only one being there the blade in my hand
      You see a pencil sharpener ... I see a blade.
      You see scissors ... I see a blade.
      You see a knife ... I see a blade.
      You see a razor ... I see a blade.
      You see everything normally .. I don't

                                                          It affects people mentally, not just physcially.

I want help,
I'm desperate for it;
I cry out for help,
beg for it.
But when it comes
knocking at my door,
I shy away, revert back
into my head;
I don't know what to do
when someone is trying
to help me, and honestly.
I still don't think I deserve
such kindness, deserve some-
one who actually cares. 


It's all for attention right?
She cuts for attention doesn't she?
She thinks about suicide everyday.
She starves herself.
She cries herself to sleep.
She's broken...
But it's all for attention right?