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fan art makes me extremely happy(: feel free to make me some(; i'd love you forever, i swear♥

my first fan art that jen made me that i loooooove♥ [[ __xxJenifaaxx__ ]]
kenzieandalyssa4322 made this beauty  for me(:  its amazing i love it♥
h e l l l l o ( :
how are you doing today? care to share? comment me, lets be friends(: im a pretty nice person id say, so would my friends(; i get over things quicky(; & i cant hold a grugde for my life(; i smile alot(: can yah tell?(; oh yeah and no laughing contests? JOKE. i laugh all the time. at everything. oh but you dont know my name? im madison, madie to most(; i spend my time attending a tiny juniour highschool♥ that needs three towns to fill it up, its quite funny(; i also play for their feild hockey team too; which i enjoy alot(: on the weekends, im with friends 24/7 i hate to be alone, which helps that i love my friends(: ♥ you can see some of their wittys where it says people(; lettttts seeee, well i love winter♥, as much as i complain about the cold(; i guess thats what i get for living in new england♥ i get scared amazingly easily, but thats okay(; ironically, i also loooove scary movies♥ want to know anything else? talk to me(:
g o o d b y e ( :

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so i feel like im doing pretty good on witty, but here are some things i'd like to accomplish(: who knows, maybe it'll happen(:
50 100 200 300 500
20 50 100 200 300 400 500
10 20 50 100 200

that's basically anything i could think of; anything else you wanna know? just ask(: ♥madie
 my amazing friends♥(:

Quotes by madelana729


This past month has felt like a dreeeam                                         
                                  t h a t   t u r n e d   i n t o   a   n i g h t m a r e ,
and i'm finally waking up.
reality  will  always  be                     <3                     so  much  better  than  the  dream


                    And if you did not want to see me again,                                   

                           would understand<//3

Biggest mistake I've ever made?
leaving the boy who called me beautiful
for the boy who called me cutie .

You've got me laughing while I sing, you've got me smiling in my sleep.    <3

"It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change."
-Alice in Wonderland*

m i n u t e  w i t h  y o
u *
is worth more than [[ a thousand days without your love ]]

i'm giving you one more chance; dont mess this up,

or i'll be gone. *
and i'm not coming back this time //

                    and we [[text]] all the time, but i'm starting to
          *the sound of your voice*//

That's what happens with me, a man [[smiles]] at me
t h r e e   t i m e s  and  I'm  picking  out  wedding  china;
I'm a disaster.
-- S u s a n  M y e r s , Desperate Housewives <3

I've seen them, they're real ; ;

the boys who [t r u l y  l o v e] their girlfriends;
who   light   up   when  they   talk   about   her;
who  can't stop  smiling when they see her;
who  look  up  when  they  hear  h e r   n a m e;
they're out there, behind all those stupid boys;
a   n   d       s   o   m   e   d   a   y  , 
they'll be one for you (: 

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