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fan art makes me extremely happy(: feel free to make me some(; i'd love you forever, i swear♥

my first fan art that jen made me that i loooooove♥ [[ __xxJenifaaxx__ ]]
kenzieandalyssa4322 made this beauty  for me(:  its amazing i love it♥
h e l l l l o ( :
how are you doing today? care to share? comment me, lets be friends(: im a pretty nice person id say, so would my friends(; i get over things quicky(; & i cant hold a grugde for my life(; i smile alot(: can yah tell?(; oh yeah and no laughing contests? JOKE. i laugh all the time. at everything. oh but you dont know my name? im madison, madie to most(; i spend my time attending a tiny juniour highschool♥ that needs three towns to fill it up, its quite funny(; i also play for their feild hockey team too; which i enjoy alot(: on the weekends, im with friends 24/7 i hate to be alone, which helps that i love my friends(: ♥ you can see some of their wittys where it says people(; lettttts seeee, well i love winter♥, as much as i complain about the cold(; i guess thats what i get for living in new england♥ i get scared amazingly easily, but thats okay(; ironically, i also loooove scary movies♥ want to know anything else? talk to me(:
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so i feel like im doing pretty good on witty, but here are some things i'd like to accomplish(: who knows, maybe it'll happen(:
50 100 200 300 500
20 50 100 200 300 400 500
10 20 50 100 200

that's basically anything i could think of; anything else you wanna know? just ask(: ♥madie
 my amazing friends♥(:

Quotes by madelana729

becausit's times like these;;
he's the only one i want to ([talk]) with; the only one
i could tell a n y t h i n g to, and he wouldn't mind<3
To him it must seem like,
she [n e v e r] stops smiling; but if he ever caught her off-gaurd, he would realize,
that's only how it appears because he's the reason she [s m i l e s  s o  m u c h]

reason' s why i love that boy #5
n o  m a t t e r  how  terrible  my  day is;
a good  busride home  with  [[him]]  and
my day seems pretty  w o n d e r f u l<3

because in my dreams,
y o u   [[ h o l d   m y   h a n d ]],   h u g   m e   t i g h t,   a  n  d   l  o  v  e   m  e . .

ALOT of credit to elizagrace;
completely her edit and frist line,
i just changed the second line(:
And you know I can't promise you things will turn out fine,
B  u  t      I      h  a  v  e      t  o      b  e      [[  h  o  n  e  s  t  ]] ,
I want you to be mine<3
But somewhere we went wrong; we were once so [[strong]]; our love is like a  s o n g
you can't forget it, at all.<3
"because without the people you love most;
 you cant help but feel all alone in the world"
-GossiGirl xoxo

seriously boy, you're amazing;;
i mean really, i dont think i know anyone else,
who  can  p  i  s  s   m  e   o  f  f   so  [easily] .
you,  you’re  like  a  [[ d r e a m ]],
a dream come true<3
I know looks can be deceiving
but i know I saw a light in [you]
As we walked we were talking
:|:   a n d   i  d i d n' t   s a y
half the thingi wanted to<3
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