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Quotes by madisonballer44

kissing test♥
1.hold you breath add a qoute
3.copy and past this quote
4.good now if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser
I have my bestfriend Kyle back <3
were not gonna die in 2012
wanna know why ?
my yogert expires in 2012 (:
you were my boyfriend long ago

you had my heart you let it go ,
but honesly you still have it ,
but in your life i do not fit .
I hope one day you decide to return
i`ll always love you , Kyle Burns .
I still have all theese feelings ,
its like theres no such thing as heeling ,
but nothings ever gonna fix ,
because all guys are dicks !
its funny how all you girls/guys complain about how people judge other people by their looks , and say looks dont matter . but you do the same thing on here , if its an ugly quote you wont take the time to read it .
never judge a book by its cover <3
when i die , i give my  bestfriend permission to put "is dead" on my facebook status [=
Its funny when an ugly person says i need beauty sleep , like noo hunny you need to hibernate (: