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Quotes by madisonbrooke

They say i'll be okay,
but im not goin' to, ever get, over you <|3
          The new facebook puts a
              whole new meaning
                      to stalking
& we finally kissed in the rain 

jk, i fell in a mud puddle

& who else wishes

they had a boyfriend

Like Kate's on My Sister's Keeper

Format by Sandrasaurus


Idk about anyone else

but on my friday nights, i don't party, i stay on witty. ________________________________________


There’s always that one 
girl in art class that is 
Good at drawing 



So me and my dad are having a contest

Fav for Chips Ahoy:)

Comment for Famous Amos

All these girls talk about how they love their boyfriends and all this love crap
im single, & i just love bagels!


Cuz imma space bound rocketship
  And ur hearts the moon
& im aiming right at you, right at you <3 


Fave if you watch any of these shows

Pretty Little Liars 

The Secret Life Of An American Teenager

Switched At Birth

Teen Mom

The Lying Game