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im maddie
and clearly i was born in the wrong country
heres some examples

Ed Sheeran
One Direction
Cher Lloyd
Ollly Murs

and for the auusie girls

but americas good too...
four year strong
all star weekend
we the kings

omg so much more
but i dont want to bore you(:

if you read all should just go follow me now(:
love you

Quotes by madlove16

lol I havn't been on Witty in months...hi everyone
Actuall conversation between me and this guy on omegle

we were just having a normall conversation when he said

stranger: can i tell you somthing
you:yeah sure
stranger: I really only came on here to see if girls know do stuff, but then i saw how beautiful you were and i was really happy we just talked because you are really different

he made my night year

yes terd a y
i was at a pool party
all of the other girls were like "omg my makeup!
and i was like hahaha because


It's nights like these.
Even if it's once every summer. 
everything is just right

Complements from strangers > Complements from friends and family

so true

I just like to see you smile
i just like to see you smile
 I just like to see you smile 
I justl ike to see you smile
i just like to see you smile
I just like to see you smile

Heres to forbidden love
-The ones in love with their best friend
-The ones in love with their best friends boyfriend or girlfriend
-The ones in love with thier brother/sisters bestfriend
-The ones that date "out of their group"
- The ones that are older or younger
- The one in love with a celeberty
-The ones in love with sombody in another country
-The ones in love with sombody the met online

Heres to forbidden love, mines up there, is yours?


Format by Sandrasaurus

I like to favorite random quotes just to make people smile

Bella Ballerina?
 B*tch please...
We had Heelys

I'm just going to write this and not make any formats because i just want to vent
Lately people have been going off about this whole 'Witty Guy" thing. Even if he's fake, even if hes lying,even if hes doing it for attention did you ever stop to think that him saying you're beautiful maybe effected one girl..maybe two. Did you ever step outside your box and think hes acctually making sombody feel good about huh? Well think about it before you start writing hate to them. Isnt witty about being supportive in ways that the girls/boys in our own school cant? And what you're doing is just stooping to their level and destroying the whole atmosphere witty has. A place where we can't be judged.


well thats just MY oppinion

if you read this i love you to infinity and beyond