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Quotes by madlytruelydeeply

Life is too short
to waste time matching socks

I hate when crumbs in my cleavage
sometimes my boobs eat more than I do


Love can only be kept by being given away


              I threw a b/tch in a well,                 
           Don't ask me I'll never tell,           
               I ran away as she fell ...                
            Dumb hoe was in my way            

We would talk basically everyday during summer
but since school's started he hasn't even looked at me
you have no idea how sad this makes me


Is it just me,
or does anyone else love the new witty layout?


Guys who answer with 'yup'
WTF am i suppose to say to that?
 I'd be happier if you just said you dont want to talk


Nobody pinch me
I've never been this happy


He called me beautiful