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Hey. My name is Makayla. I'm thirteen & in the eighth grade. I live in Maine but I'm secretly from the ocean. ;)Look me up on facebook my Name on there is Makayla Prout I Have 2 accounts but add me on the one that is from California! i suck at coding so my friend is doing this.

Abi here;
So like, I love you lots. You are my best friend and you are incredibly beautiful. I miss living near you but hey, what can you do. I will always be here for you no matter how crazy I am. Haha. anyways love you, abigaylemichele

xoxo, Makayla.


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#hashtags #are #seriously # the #most #annoying #thing #on #this #planet.
Best revenge on a person: wait till karma hits them. Hard.
Don't judge me cuz im fugly.
When a boy randomly talks to me:
Me: Who hacked his acount
Me: Is this real life?
Me: did someone hack my account and talk to him and delete the chat?
Me: who paid him......
Dad: ................
If you were a cookie, you'd be called a whoreo.
me: one time at band camp I blew an instrument. My friend: i didn't know you played an instrument, what do you play? Me: Dick.
Wake me up
when the school year ends..
I wonder if Peeta's and Katniss' Kids are black. Because  Peeta is the boy with bread and Katniss is The girl on fire and together they are burnt toast.