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Hey there, I'm Madison(:
I rarely make quotes anymore, but I'm still on constantly reading everyone elses cause this website is still a big part of my life. All of you are beautiful, and don't you ever forget it.  Whenever your just about to give up, don't. I promise there is someone out there that loves you more than anything in this whole world. If you need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to talk to me, I promise I'll talk to you.  But that's about it, if you want to know the facts about me, don't be afraid to comment(:

Quotes by makesmewonder19

I'm still obsessed with All Time Low
                                                 not One Direction..
Those quotes  where at the end they say, "You just thought of him didn't you?" and you think of one more than guy.

Just me?

does anyone else know who
The Wanted is?
well if you do, then you know their a whole lot better than 
One Direction

why is life so hard? 
 who does it think it is?
A boy who just saw a Victoria Secret model?

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are usually about losing you  

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they should just make
    a whole other site for One Direction quotes
cause this is getting annoying


I choose my battles
And to be quite honest hon, 
you ain't worth it

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my head says

but my heart says

that saddening moment when
 you realize your heart is split in two 


You told me you loved me;
so why did you go away