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maks here(:
i'm 13 and in 8th gradee. 
i liive on wittyyprofiless no joke(:
im in love, but he doesnt feel
the same way. gosh, what else is new?
i'm out<3;*


Quotes by maksx33

When the waves are flooding the shore;
and i cant find my way home anymore,thats when i look at you<3

when i look at you-miley cyrus<3;
 symptoms are your
body starts to (weaken)
side effects are you
may fall way too (deep in)
then you deny that
what your feelin' is a feelin'
you try to fight it
but youre gunna have to (give in)

infected-fallon and felisha(cherish)
am i the only one that wants
to watch
soo bad?

ratee iff u agree

getting his heart broken?
he'd get over it.
seeing the pain in my eyes?
he couldnt handle it.
walking in my shoes for a day?
he wouldnt make it.


and what i need him to do is;
come back and fix up this mess that
he started </3

Ivbeen spendin' all my time
just thinkin' bout you, i dont know what to do i think
Ifallin for you ____<3;

fallin for you-colbiie caillat<3

change isnt always bad;
she could be your enemy and change into your bestfriend<3
you could change into a cuter outfit. who said thats bad?
moving on is change, its not always easy, but its better.
and that jerk could change into the one you fall for...hard.
you never know what to expect<3

i dont know. ppl inspire it.

Its Halloween... 
the only time a girl can dress so whorish, and get away with itt.[;
When a...
minute feels like an hour
and his smile brightens
your entire day, thats when
You know you got it bad.