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This Tuesday, February 14th, 2012..
I will be celebrating the 45th day of the year.
and I am proud of it

RIP Grandpa 1/26/06
It's amazing how fast almost 6 years can go by.
Sometimes, I just wish I could have at least 10 minutes to talk to you again, to catch up on all that you have missed. I was only in 3rd grade when you left. And I'll never for get the day when my daddy told me that you went to heaven, he held me untill I fell asleep. I drew a picture for you every day telling you to get better. The nurse hung up everyone of them in your hospital room. No one had a relationship that we had, and I miss that as much as I miss you.
I love you grandpa, and nothing will ever change that. ♥
And, I wonder if I ever cross your mind.. for me it happens all the time. <3

I am just waiting for the day that 
you will finally notice me.


It's not the break up that hurts
it's the flashbacks that follow.


That moment of joy when
you log onto witty and have a notification.

What we had was a fantasy,
and now, I'm just dealing with reality.


I miss your smile..
but I miss mine more.



I miss your smile..
but I miss mine more.

you just have to take the jump and hope to hell you learn how to fly on the way down.