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malibu11697's Favorite Quotes

skinny friend: omg i wish i was skinny
smart friend: omg i only got a b+
athletic friend: omg i wish i could run
not single friend: omg i hate my boyfriend

popular friend: omg people always want to hang out with me

me: *cries in the shower*

Heres to the kids who

Graduate in 2015 ♥
Two more years to go for us ♥


The people who say disney channel sucks, 
obviously haven't watched Phineas and Ferb before.


Hello Random Bruise,
Where Did You Come From?

I promise I'll become a vegetarian when bacon grows on trees.



I always say Facebook is stupid, but then ten minutes later... I'm signing back into Facebook.

  If I woke up from
A coma and Channing Tatum said he was my husband,
i wouldnt question it..


Video Calling On Skype:
5% looking at the other person.
95% looking at myself.

&Who remembers
Smokin' Oken?