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Hey. I'm Amanda. So this was an account I made a while ago and literally used as an online diary. I've gone through a lot since last summer so I decided to start over on this account like I'm trying to in real life. I don't really know how to introduce myself haha, I'm a pretty serious person but I have a fun side :) I get hurt easily even if I don't show it, remember that. I hate being lied to about feelings, but I will lie to protect those I love. Be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Pretty simple. Comment? <3


^^ I'm not really good with the whole journal thing... i'm thinking of making a different box but idk what to title it.. thinking... hehe


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Quotes by mandeepandee10

i feel like you're still a part of me
l    even after almost a year of not speaking    l

honey,get a tissue and dry those tears
watch a happy movie and forget your fears,
forget about the one who broke your heart
they left you, it’s time for a new start.
don’t wait for the future or dream of the past,
change the present and make it last.
when the world expects your broken smile,
pick up your phone and start to dial.
call your friends and all that love you
the one’s who’s intentions were always true.
there’s a lot more for you than that silly boy,
so forget all the hurt and remember your joy.

he world is a lonely place
---> when you have no one looking out for you