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My name is Amanda and I adore Taylor Alison Swift.

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Who you are is not what you did,

You're still an innocent.

I'm a lightweight; easy to fall, easy to break.

Being strong takes courage
but  courage takes

Credit --> me.

You've shown me that love is real.
+& all I've ever needed,
is love.

 Credit me (:


Fear of being alone.
're McDonald's
And I'm Lovin' It
Creditt :]
I fail;
At My Own Life
Mine / Vent ^_^
You know what sucks?
When you love someone but you know  they can never love you back.
What does it mean?            Who knows?
I guess it just those kinds of words that
are there but once its given a meaning
you can't go back to not understanding
what it is. So whoever gives you that
meaning, whoever that maybe, love them
back. Even if they end up leaving, they still
allowed you to love them so let them go.

All Mine (:
don’t leave >me<

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