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- sweetheart, the names amanda -

I'm not perfect, neither are you.

born: june14
grade: 10

I fell for someone,
And I fell hard.
I have had my heart completely crushed,
And I've learned to deal with it.

Attention, is not my middle name.
I actually hate when people stare.
I get really bothered when people don't spell
things properly or write " lyk dis"
I love black and white quotes the best.

My life hasn't been an easy one,
And I'm not sure how I would've survived without my older brothers.
They are my world.

Dont like me, dont talk to me .
I don't live to please you baby, so either get off my page
or find someone else to hate on.



Quotes by mandyldwhite

I said I wouldn't let you go, so I won't.
Don't act like the victim when you're the one pulling the trigger.
What's a girl to do when the boy she fell in love with,
the boy who told her he loved her and fell for her,
tells her that the feelings he thought he had aren't real? :(
I told my mom he broke up with me last night.
And I was on the couch crying.
She was trying to console me,
and was asking me questions.

She told me,
" Well, maybe you guys will get back together in the future. "

I wish she wouldn't try and fill me with false hope.
I ache everywhere..

I got a call saying that I had to leave his house early so he turns away from me and says,

" That's it. I can't look at you anymore. The more I memorize your face the more it's gonna hurt when you leave and I'll just miss you that much more..."

To be honest, my heart melted and I wanted to cry because in that moment, 
I realized just how much I love him and the fact that I, have fallen for him.
I don't know when I'll tell him, but I know he's fallen for me. I feel like telling everyone yet keeping it to myself. It's the best secret I've ever had. I finally feel like I can trust a guy again, and I need him. 

When people used to ask me,
" What do you see in him? "
I could give a million reasons.
Now, that I sit back and ask myself the same question,
My only response is, 
" I love how he loved me,
and how he made me crawl back for more.

But that's what drove me to hate.
He broke me... and I kept crawling back for more.

You're the anchor in my life.
Keep my feet on the ground.
But you're also like a plane.
You make me fly.

check it. ^
Things change and people drift apart,
I just never thought we would be those people.
Same town, same memories, big group of the same friends.
But everything is different.
You are.
I am.
We're like strangers who tell each other everything.
Or should I say ... we used to.
We're out to sea floating away on different currents.
But you know what.
I'm trying to fight the currents.
I keep trying to swim back to you.
But it's just to strong.
I don't want to give up.
But I think I'm going to have to.

I miss you best friend.
Maybe... highschool does change things.

You said,
"Don't judge me, people lie."
So I didn't believe a word.
Too bad I didn't.
You're exactly what they said.

I will try to fix you,
But I need to fix me first.