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Status: shell shock :D
Well Hi! I didn't see you there!

The names Amanda
My quotes are about my crazy beautiful life and other things. Ask me anything I'll answer Follow for follow
s. I like cats.
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gif criar When all your friends are skinny


And pretty


And you... well you're just a potato


Make gif stories easily: That's So! i promise i'll jump with you



Make gif stories easily: That's So!

Quotes by manimoo9786

It Just Makes Me So Mad!!
Everyone talks about shooting animals.
How hard is it to take a step back and admire it? Why do you have to kill animals? They are beautiful creatures. Ugh. I'm done raging.

They make me want to punch


Stuck up little b/tches
Who do you think you are?
Did you break a nail while you were tearing me apart?



What's with all the depressing quotes?
Dear sad people:
Please, if you are sad or depressed don't do anything you would regret. Don't cut or starve yourself. Put down the razor or eat a cheeseburger. Then, go hug a cat.
#Boys who sing

Should I make a series?
That moment: When you want to take your fork and stab your band teacher in the jugular because you misunderstood her and now you have a 30 minute detention.
That awko taco  moment when you talk about being forever alone and your unmarried teacher says It happens.

Those girls that try to look like you..
Hunny, you look like a fat cow wrapped in wool.


Talking to guys you have never met before.
Why are they so perfect and why do they have to be so far away D:
I'm so scared. It hasn't been a year since my spine surgery and now my back is hurting. I lot. I can't eat without feeling sick again. I hope I don't have something seriously wrong