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Quotes by Marian*

Some fashion tips

How to dress for your shape: 

Are you human-shaped? Play up confidence by wearing whatever the f.uck you want.

As the weather gets warmer:
Continue to wear whatever the f.uck you want. Dress to make yourself feel good.

How to get a bikini body:
put a bikini on your body

When celebrities buy 321649821375926 dollar dresses and i'm just here like ''my master has given me a sock''

That awkward moment when you accidentally touch someone’s while walking.

you guys realize we can have here the next president
or the person who find the cure of cancer or someone like that? 


and every time you see this
a word name comes to mind.

I hide behind my jokes
             |||||||||||||||| [ as a form of protection. ]

Mhomeworbrinalthe asiantthe yard
and they're like ''it wasn't even hard.''
I hate when people points out my acne
and i'm like, i know it's there i can see it too

The song cycle:
Hear a new song   Love it →      Stuck in your head →      Know all the lyrics →   Play it constantly →   Get tired →   Repeat it.


The united nations has declared the internet a basic human right, so now we have a great new excuse.

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