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Quotes by Marian*

my mom treat me like i'm the only fat person on the world, its like, mom i don't fuc.king care, just get over it.

Dear extra fat in my body, you have two options:
make your way to my boobs or gtfo.


and when people ask me
why are you so weird?
I never know what to say.
but then I realized, why I would be 
when I could be like 


having a crush is so painful and awkward and horrible
but not having a crush is just boring.

When a girl wants a kiss:
They stare into your eyes biting their lip. They always wrap their arms around you.They play with their hands just waiting for you make a move.

When I want a kiss:
I stare at you from distance and sob uncontrollably because I am ugly and no one likes me.

Reasons why I'm single:
-I annoy people.
-I'm never anyones first choice.
-I'm just bad with relationships.
-I'm not liked.
-I am ugly as hell.
-I spend my whole life locked away
in a dark room with food and a laptop.


That ankward moment when you’re thinking about really inappropriate things and suddenly you start to believe that people in the room can read your mind.

Guys, there's nothing wrong about getting quotes of tumblr, the wrong thing is post a quote when a person already did, is disrespectful and is against the rules. 

I check in showers for murderers but I don’t know what I’d do if I found one

Smart Girl: That awesome feeling when you finished your all your work and could enjoy the rest of the day.
Me: I never experienced that.

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