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Please, please read. Please.

Hey guys, so my friend XwaddupshawtyX had a really bad day today. It's really personal so I can't get into details but when she comes home today I would really love if she could log onto Witty and have tons of faves and follows to make up for the horrible events that occurred today. Just thought I would like to make my best friends worst day a little less bad (: if you read this I love you! Don't forget you are all beautiful<333 Thanks so much

that  amazing feeling

when you know

            he likes you back


That awkward moment when.... 

you are supposed to be finding your BMI in wellness class.... and your on witty profiles


A d m i t  i t ,
We've all tried brushing our hair up. 



save water,

... shower together ;)


and is anyonelse

extremely sick of this format??

when your shorts 
are smaller that your underwear

then we have a problem... 

Im counting the days,
till summer 2011