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That one class...

That you actually look forward to, just because he is in it.

Why are my knees
than the rest of my legs??
format credit to:secretlove707

Well that sounded   A LOT  better

in my head.

 dear skinny friend,


if you are fat,,
that makes

me obease.


dont call your self fat.


Never give up on.


Until you can go a day with out
Thinking about them.

 Hold your own ;

\\ know your name


  <<go your own way>>


Jason Mraz "details in the fabric"


Its not how many times you fall. . .
Its how many times you get back up ♥

-steven tyler

 Your as useless as the


                      in "okay"


love is like a song
weather good or bad...


it gets stuck in your head

Selena Gomez :

Who says your not perfect?



lots of people...


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