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Heyy im marina!
Age-17 (:
Status-sick of homework -_-

bout me :
I live in Cali. i love writing quotes just to let out my feelings. I love my best friends, boy friend & my family. They give me a lot of inspiration with everything. Enjoy the quotes (:

Hope you like the quotes :]
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Quotes by marinshka09

Guys are jerks...end of story.
The message that lies in ur heart is truly the one thing u can trust...
Make sure to listen carefully for you may be surprised with what you hear.
I hate when everything is going so perfect in your life
And then outta the b l u e  you find out something
That makes you go FML -___- ! Don't you just hate those days? :(

One way or another, we eventually realize someone's true colors of who they really are..
Nobody's perfect
We all make mistakes..
But that
doesn't mean we don't deserve another chance.
&+ I guess I'm used to sitting down against the wall,
crying my eyes out,
and saying
"I'm so sick of getting hurt."
&+ Am I the only one who;;
falls asleep texting..then wakes up thinking its only been five minutes so she texts him back...but then realizes its 3 o'clock in the morning...-_-
Today, I had to re-take a test so I didn't get to have lunch. During English class, we had a sub so i put my lunch in my bag and slipped in chicken nuggets every time the teacher wasn't looking. I felt like such a rebel :D
&+ I guess we all figured out by now
that life isn't a piece of cake..

Love is like friendship on fire.
That's how I feel about him.
Our love is that fire burning continuously
With no water to put the flames out