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This quote does not exist.

...he never really cared about me....


my boyfriends logic:

on a scale of 16 to 2,
him: red being the highest,
him: what's your favorite animal


People on Facebook will only acknowledge your existence
on your birthday or when your relationship status changes.


Today a boy called me ugly.

Lol I'm joking.

Boys don't talk to me. 

where would i be
if I hadn't met
y o u ?

My mom and I  were walking past Hollister   .....
             and she thought it was a BAR.

I want to meet my true love
..and fall more in love with him
each and everyday until I stop breathing.
From the moment I say the moment I say “I do”.
I want to be infinity and beyond with him...
like forever and always.
I want to make up the stupid fights
and forget about the past and move on..
I want to live life like there is no tomorrow.
I want to fall in love…and not look back and regret
anything from the moment I met him.


So for my french homework our class had to write a paragraph in french then decorate it and make it 'pretty'.  A week later my french teacher comes up to me and says that this boy had put a picture of me at the end of the paragraph he had typed out in plain black writing, I was shocked and couldn't work out why he had put a picture of me at the bottom, when I asked why, she said; he had said 'you told me to make it look pretty'.. I couldnt believe it...

True Story..