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Quotes by marissababy

you might feel worthless to one person BUT...
you are priceless to another (:
i dont hate you because you left...
i hate you cause you pretended you wouldnt
if they dont chace you when you walk away,
keep walking
& i just love it when my phone wakes me up at the early hours of the morning and its from him (:

  im only me when im with him..
I bruise easily..

so be gentle when you handle me...

Natasha Bedingfeld <3

have you ever felt like your not good enough?

well that pretty much describes me right now |:

Fate controls who walks into your life.
but you decide who you let walk out
who you let stay
and who you refuse to let go

if you strike the match
                                             your bound to feel the flame
Him: so whats on your pretty lil mind??

me: You

i just wish he would say hes thinking of me too  )=