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You only live once that's the motto nigga yolo (: You   Love LO 



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You Jelly?? vvvvvvv (;

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mmmmmm nutella <3 and a strawberry lol caught in the momentImage and video hosting by TinyPic
In the snow <3 we're cool (:
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My gorgeous wife Bre<3
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Snow again!!<3
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her story might break your heart.

So what we get  drunk, so what we smoke
weed. We're just having fun, til our parents see.


That awkward moment when
you see twins fighting, and one of them calls the other one ugly...


trying to put your charger in your phone, when its dark.

Why don't you have a boyfriend?

I'm just not allowed. Why don't you have a girlfriend?

Because you're not allowed to have a boyfriend.
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You are what you listen to ♥

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When Someone looks at your baby pictures and jokingly says 'Aww you were soo cute! What happened?'Tell them " B*tch, I got sexy, that's what happened " .

Cool Story Bro,
next time, take out the part where you started talking.



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*cough coughhoe

                                                                                                                   "Excuse me?"

         "Oh i just had something stuck in my throat."

       "You should know how that feels."