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So I have no idea what to right here. So heyy... again! Thanks for stumbling on to my profile. Stay Beautiful or Handsome, which ever flouts your boat. K. Bye. haha
Well Hey There!
Marlee's the name.

I'm a Junior in High School.

Someday I hope to travel around different places of the world. But for now I live in a small town in Maine.

I was born on January 15th, 1997. So I'm 15. :P

My best friend would be Marissa! (rissa7373) We have had some pretty awesome times and I can tell her anything.

I'm a pretty laid back person. So if you  ever needs to talk I am always here.

Finally, I'm really geeky, and awkaward. But I love making people smile.(:

Comment/Fave/follow.... I wil try to follow back, if I don't just leave me a comment!


Quotes by marleesue

Right now?

Right now I want someone to kiss my

forehead and tell me they are lucky to have me.


Do you feel like a man, when you push her around? 
Do you feel better now, as she falls to the ground? 

Dear Cupid,

Next time, hit us both.

Be the girl everyone
wants, not the girl


It's not what I didn't feel

it's what I didn't show.

Girl: "Your new girlfriend is pretty."
(I bet she stole your heart.)

Boy: "Yeah...she is."
(But you're still the most beautiful girl I know.)

Girl:  "I heard she's funny and amazing."
(All the stuff I wasn't...)

Boy: "She sure is."
(But she's nothing compared to you.)

Girl: "I bet you know everything about her."
(Like how you knew everything about me.)

Boy: "Only the stuff that counts."
(I can't remember what she says when I think of you.)

Girl: "Well... I hope you guys last."
(Cause we never did.)

Boy- "I hope we do too."
(Whatever happend to me and you?)

Girl: "Well I got to go."
(Before I start to cry.)

Boy: "Yeah, me too."
(I hope you don't cry.)

Girl: "Bye."
(I still love you.)

Boy- "Later."
(I never stopped.)

                                                What are you really trying to say?

Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.
Being the third wheel:

You're in the group without really being "in" the group. 

Mine     nmf

A realtionship starts with
            "Can we talk?"

And ends with
     "We need to talk."