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so this little thingy here is a journal.. i dont really
know what to write in it considering there's a
info box right there > and the quotes are basically
my journal.. so im not really gunna write in here.. ever.
so bye :)

shes really the only one who goes on..
and hexachoo

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i dont think im gunna put much in here..
id rather not you guys stalk me all over the internet.. i guess ill put a few things in here.. i guess i can put my screen name in here but im never really on that. i have another witty so ill also put that in here. so yeah ! have fun creeping ! <3 

My other witty !
its a secret one but not really anymore, all the info is made up heh.
About me!
   Hey witty people ! My names Kristina, im 16 and i live in New Jersey. I'm Italian, and no im not like snooki, jwow, sammi or deena.. but my one friend is a lot like deena.. its like when ever your with her, its like your at a party..  Anyway.. My birthday is March 7th and im now 16 ! im having a sweet 16 soon and i can't wait ! I can honestly say i never really felt true love  but ive been pretty close and i know what it is. Most of my quotes are about ex boyfriends my best friends or my life. im going to be on this a lot more now because my school unblocked this website <3 im gunna start to fail school now.. oh well, witty is worth it. My friend cayla told me about this website in 2008 and ive been in love with it ever since. i dont really make al ot of quotes. im not really that good at making them. If i know you and you go to my school then your a creep if you found this ! i hate my username because its my screen name from like 7th grade when i was overly obsessed with the jonas brothers.. now i cant stand themm and i love taylor swift now <3 most of my upsetting quotes are from when i was upset about that guy. it doesnt mean i still care about them or anything like that. also, i could just think of them and they dont really mean anything. ive had problems with that confusion before on here. If you ever want advice on anything or just want to talk to someone, you can always talk to me ! if you made it this far in reading this.. i give you props.. but no seriously you can really just comment me whenever you want. you'll know if im online when my status says "online" right over there <<<<< so yeah im running out of room now so im gunna go ! oh yeah, and in that status thing will also be other things not just if im online or not,  so yeah bye witty family ! <3

Quotes by marrii3d2nj0nas

i love you more
in the world<3

thank you for deleting
out of your life.

favorite please ♥

& i
m chasing for a guy

whos alre
ady  caught.


Now all of my hope for you,

is lost

I love you when I saw you and,

                 I will always love you

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[Y]ou said t[o] me that yo[u] never [l]oved someone l[i]ke you lov[ed] me.

minee (:
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You are amazing.
//    I   c a n t  e x p l a iI n  w o r d s    \\
But im in love with you.

my fade also(:
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I miss the [( feeling of your lips )] touching mine
and your body against mine.
I miss knowing that I have you.

all minee(:
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What ever happened to us ?

my fade(:
and mt quote,
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i f  y o u  t h i n k  a b o u t  s o m e o n e
b e f o r e  y o u  f a l l  a s l e e p  , t h a t
p e r s o n  d r e a m s  a b o u t  y o u

Does  tha mean  i'm  in  his  dreams  every  night ?


no jockingg.
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