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i'm 14, and i have a tough life, i speak my feelings through writing, poetry, songs etc.. i'm just an ordionary girl, living in a complex world **..

Quotes by mary57681

i'm sick of this life, i just wanna scream
how could this happen to me?
in the end only kindness matters
don't expect anything from anyone
because then you'll never get hurt
sometimes the thing that seems the hardest to do
is the best thing to do for yourself
i don't understand why the birds can chirp up in the sky
when all i can do is just sit here and cry
when i start to cry the water from my eyes
turns into bloody tears of a broken heart
i didn't know it would end up like this,
but i guess i should've known right from the start
now it's all over and done with
don't ever look back and remember any of this..
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