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Mary|15|New Jersey

The name's Mary. I'm Fifteen years young. I blow candles out April 11th<3. Haha i like saying "young" instead of "old" just because it sounds more positive(: Btw i love the color pink<33333333333. Anyways, I'm a freshman in high school and play softball. i live in the united states;; new jersey. Uhm i lovee witty because its inspirational, funny and so cute! Pretty addicting for me personally, lol. So follow me, and i'll follow back. Keep up the good work wittians! Love you!<3

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omg I've missed witty so much <l3

There's alot of de ja vu in my life. 

"no, shut up we know"


.. vacuums.

There's a fine line between
                                   being conceited, and having self confidence.

There should really be a witty app.

                                     why dont you just cry me a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.

When you havent been somewhere in a while and you go back there, 
                                  all the memories that have happened there, come back.

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