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Heyy Babe!! <3
Sorry I call everybody babe..... it has it's sideeffects haha

Well anyways my name is Mary!
I am 15 years young! (turn 16 on July 23!)
I am in love with a band named One Direction,
And a boy named Beau....
he just doesn't know it.. :(
I have no idea how to tell him but i will.
Well if you wanna you can read my quotes, i'll let ya.
Hope you enjoy them!
<3 love ya Babe!
Harry Styles
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Quotes by maryxoxo

When a girl sees a hot guy: He's soooo dreamy!
When a guy sees a hot girl: I would bang her.

Sometimes your knight in shining Armour,
Is just a douche bag in tin-foil.

Format by Sandrasaurus

Format by Sandrasaurus

Your kid is running around screaming at the top of his lungs annoying everyone,
And i'm the A$$hole For Tripping him?


Format by Sandrasaurus

Me: wow I really had to pee!!
Me: ok time To go back to the camp.
Me: *runs across street from outhouse just to fall on face.*
everyone else: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!