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My name is Marisa. Im currently 15. I like to think that i am fun to be around, and i like having fun and laughing and just hanging out wit my friends. My family and friends mean the world to me, and i would most likely do anything for them. Well thats me in a nut shell, hope you all enjoy my quotes(:

marzmac4's Favorite Quotes

   Too many girls want attention

not enough want respect.

»        You don’t have to be perfect,
You just have to be mine.            «

Don't  you worry  your

pretty lit tle mind,

                 people throw rocks at things that shine♥

I confess,

I'm a mess.

 But I'm nothing without you.

  Now I see everything,

And yes i've known it all along.

I was so lost,

But I'm back.

And Finally I know where my heart belongs.



*How do you organize a party in space?
 You planet

me:omg, you're such a good cuddler.
me: sh. dont speak.


first base: being in the same room
second base: breathing the same air
third base: eye contact


Being a person is getting too complicated
Time to be a unicorn


-->No Regrets, just love