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Hey..I guess this site is dead now huh..anyway..
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Amazing*Panda*'s Favorite Quotes

the little girl just could not sleep
because her thoughts were way too
deep her mind had gone out for a stroll
and fallen down the rabbit hole

when you log into wittyprofiles after years just to press the birthday kitten
Useless fact #5
There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos

He's so cute but he's such an a**hole.
I miss him, wth is wrong with me?

Your brain and wiener have only one thing in common; they're both choking hazards. 
oh, you're so pretty,
but your personality killed it.
feelings that come back are feelings that never left
And it'd be six in the morning on New Year's Day, and he'd turn to you and quietly say; "How's it even possible for you to look this good? Cause It's six in the morning- a time when no one should." And you'd whisper back after a little short while,"Baby you'd better keep it down cause blinding me with your dazzling smile."
what do you girls think of a guy that is good with kids?
Annoying couples be like:-

Girl:- Honey, I got hurt in my hand :(

Boy:- Aww, poor you. Lemme see -kisses hand-
*after some time*

Boy:- Is it okay now?

Girl:- I'm absolutely fine :)