Status: "I have stuck with them all these years because I know they will catch me when I fall."
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Hello there. I'm Caitlyn. Caitlyn Rooney. You can will call me Cat. This is my second account. I thought I'd get this account to tell you guys how I really feel. You will soon understand why my username is Maximum Ride.

Quotes by maximum_ride

Texting my sister

Me: wrud?
Sister: sitting
Me: that's fun. I'm on Witty.
Me: isn't it?

there's the silence
there's my last chance
I stand up with shaking hands
All eyes on me


"When we're together our lives are sunshine. When we're apart they're dark, cloudy shades of gray. And I hope you can forgive me for turning our lives into shades of gray... at least for a while."

-Maximum Ride book #6 (Fang)
I found myself reading the book that started my dream. Maximum Ride. I found myself 're- reading the first book of the series. The book that started this. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment.

If I were to do that, snow would have to do what snow does best;  

snow would have to 

.                                       a   

Every time I look at those girls with the cake face makeup,the girls that think they hurt me. Those girls who have backstabbed me and gossip about me . Every time I look at those girls who call me an immature freak, or tell me to grow up. I'm thinking, "Oh, honey. at least I'm prettier than you."
It's about time I tell you my dream.

My name is Caitlyn Rooney. I am 12. A few months ago I started reading the Maximum Ride book series. After the first chapter I couldn't put the book down. On about the third chapter I realized that the main character, Maximum Ride, is just like me. The entire personality. Her description. Describes me. Besides having wings and all that! Honestly, I've never been this serious about a goal. A dream. I decided that I'll play Max in the maximum ride movies (or if it's a tv show) if it's the last thing I do. She is 14 but I figured it'd be a bit for them to figure it out. I never told you guys that I'm 12 because I've seen so many quotes about "stupid 12 year olds". You guys like me when you didn't know my age. I'm just a very determined girl. If you achieve my dream or make it your dream, I'll murder you.
My dream was almost crushed this morning. I found out that they had a cast for the movie already. Someone to play Max. Maximum Ride. But the director quit. 6 years ago. So if those actors were to come back and say that they want the parts, they'd be to old. By 6 years. There are many people saying that there will never be a movie. It's done. No movie. But I just know I can change that. I'll be Maximum Ride in that movie series if it's the last thing I do.

Being a true wittian isn't about who follows Steve. It's not about posting a lot of quotes. It's not about being popular or famous. Neither of my profiles are. Being a true wittian is about being strong. It's about people who have had problems in their life but still try their hardest to achieve their dreams. If you're awkward take it as a compliment. A true wittian takes being called antisocial, awkward to talk to, short tempered, a compliment. Stay strong.
You are a true wittian.

I hear you're a player.
Nice to meet you. I'm the coach.