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Turned 14 today! maybe 14 favs?<3

Treat me like a joke
                                              ill leave you like its funny


h a a z a a h h h ' s f o r m a t

if you like, love or miss someone right now, &
can't get them out of your head, then repost this, within one minute

and whoever you are missing,

will suprise you


I think Witty should have a day where any
added quote does not show the name of who submitted it
because I believe that is a huge reason why some people are getting in the top quotes and others are doomed at gettin 10 faves at most.
Fav/Comment if you think this is true
Thanks! :)


 Just once I want someone to

look at me right away and think I

b e a u t i f u l . 


Not after they

get to know me, or after

they see inside my soul,

just me. 

I want to walk in a room

and l g h t  u p, not

blend in.

 nmf nmq




a world where all guys wore make-up instead of girls




When your dad asks you
What LMFAO means... :/

I wish my heart was always on


Cuz you're on mine like all day

all the time