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hey i'm Maya i'm from north carolina.i'm 15 years.  i like reading i'm a hunger games fan. i like painting and i hope someday i will be a writer. just hoping that someday somebody will love me because of who i am. im a huge fan of paramore. hope somebody likes me.

mayahadwings's Favorite Quotes

That awkward moment, where

theres an awkward moment,

and everyone knows it's an

awkward moment, then

somebody says,



"Were you crying earlier?"
No, I was just impersonating a fountain.

No. Don't judge.
Just because I giggle like I'm on speed with my friend laughing at an orange, does not mean you get to look at me like that.

i fell on a very deep hole called love...

That awkward moment

When someone makes fun on the teacher I'm friends with and I defend
the teacher and get told I'm "obessed" with her. Yeah, she saved my
life at least three times. She helps me every day after school for extra
help when I need it, and is one of the only people I trust in this
shallow world.



when your girlfriend has
l y r i c s   a s   h e r   s t a t u s ,
you know >>you’re either doing
[ something very right,] or
something very wrong.

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Today in my biology class we were talking about hurricane([ Katrina}.  
My teacher asked this really slutty girl what some of the effects
of the hurricane were, and she replied, "well everything got all wet and dirty."
Suddenly the quietest guy in class looks up and goes,
"Kate, no one asked about your weekend."



*phone vibrates*
Me: omg, I actually have friends

Phone: "reminder: feed the cat"
Me: forever alone