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Quotes by maybenotxo

a few faves on witty can't help you
stop cutting. actual support, and 
will power can. jeez.

i said 
excuse me, you're a hell of a guy

Most teens my age get in trouble for drinking and smoking; but I get in trouble for using the computer too much.

i dare you to let me be your one and only

"Are you as bored as I am?"
makes sense even when you read it backwards.



even now when we're already over
i can't help myself from looking for you


cause i still dont know how to act or know what to say,
 i still wear the scars like it was yesterday


they'll hate you if you're pretty.
but they'll hate you if you're not.
they'll hate you for what you lack.
they'll hate you for what you got.

I hate when my parents never let me go anywhere
and then ask me why I'm always on the computer.

we'd talk about our future,
ike we had a clue