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I am in love.
The name is Kaley. I'm 17 years old. Taken by a wonderful boy named Stephen <3 I love Witty. I don't come on much anymore. If you wanna talk, email me or if you have and Instagram follow me @KalesAnn.  I make black and white quotes. I'm not in it for the beauty contest. I'm in it for the meaning. I love being asked questions, so if you're curious: ask! Please? (:

^ If you ever need advice (:



Quotes by mayprincess

Hey guys, It's mayprincess. I haven't been on in a long time. I really don't get on much anymore. I would really like to hear from all of you that I used to talk to. Go to my profile and email me. Or for those of you that have an Instagram (my new addiction) follow me @KalesAnn. Have a lovely day (: 

One year later
(an email I sent my ex)
 today wouldve been one year. can you believe it? this past year has been one of the longest years of my life. I'm happy now. I've moved on. I have a new boyfriend. We've been dating for a little over a month now. You still come into my head every once in awhile. I will always love you Ryan. You were my first love. The happiness you brought me and the pain you put me through will never be forgotten. I really do hope to talk to you again someday. Love always Kaley 

Confession 5
I'm not suppose to be on witty. Even though it has changed I still love it. It's my escape

Confession 4
I want to be a psychologist. No one in my family supports it. Its what I want. I want to be happy with my job. It's my life. Hop off.

He isn't perfect, but I never asked him to be.

Confession 3
I am so self concious. I get told I'm pretty but I rarely believe it.

Confession 1
My boyfriend means the world to me but I'm afraid to fall in love with him because I don't want to get hurt again

You put
your arms
around me
& I'm home  

No I didn't drink or get high last night
Sorry that I like remembering my nights


I kissed a girl
and I liked it