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Quotes by maysa23

so me and my freinds are planning to start an afterschool fundraising club for kids with cancer,but we need a really good name for the club to get us started..... any suggestionssss I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING
I have to stop f.cking everything up

Sometimes, you have to be your own hero
            and be
                         Inspired    :)
                                                      & Honestly

                                                              Im scared of growing up

                                woooo hooooo
                         its FINALLY  ma birth-dayyyy  

                                During a sleepover
    you should never be the first one to fall asleep

              - i think we all know why  
too many people spend money they havent earned,
to buy things they dont want,
to impress people they dont like


       When you walk around your house looking like youve been living in the wilderness
only to walk in a room  &  find it filled with people
                                              3 DIfferent kinds of weird
                                              1-funny weird
                                                  2-stupid weird
                                                    3-creepy weird