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I can’t convince you to love me but I can show who I am when no else is around. I can show you how shy I really am underneath the loud laugh and the crazy stories. I can show you how vulnerable I really can be no matter how tough I try to act. I can show you my box of memories and walk you through the journey of my life, tell you my secrets and share with you the lessons I learned along the way. I can show you how I became who I am today.

I can’t convince you to love me but I can show you what I’ve written. What I don’t want the world to see or know, what I wrote when I was scared, what I wrote when I was broken and what I wrote when I was in love. I can let you read my words and tell you what they really mean. I can let you read my poems and the pain behind them, the letters I never sent and the faded paragraphs I wrote when my tears filled the pages.

I can’t convince you to love me but I can be your friend. I can be your wise friend when you want someone to talk to — someone who can listen and not judge. I can be your crazy friend when you want someone to have fun with, I can be your buddy when you just want to watch sports and play video games and I can be your best friend when you feel like no one else understands you. I can be all your friends in one not just to please you but because I find myself in all these friends and I want to be all that to you.

I can’t convince you to love me but I can introduce you to a different kind of love. I can promise you days filled with adventure and laughter and nights filled with deep conversations and passionate kisses under the moonlight. I can promise you unforgettable trips and special memories. I can promise you mad passion and fireworks, I can promise to fill all the empty veins in your heart and ease the restless thoughts in your head. I can promise to fill the void that creeps up on you at 2 PM on a random Tuesday when you feel that everything is great but something is missing.

I can’t convince you to love me but I can perfectly describe what I love about you. The way you run your fingers through your hair when you’re trying to concentrate, the way you scrunch your eyebrows when you’re confused or how your voice softens when you talk about your family and what’s wrong with the world. I can tell you how I love you when you’re fierce and how I adore you when you’re fragile. I can show you how beautiful you really are and how you add beauty to everyone else’s life. I can show you your own light and how it brightens the world of those who love you.

I can’t convince you to love me but I can show you the parts of me that I love and the parts of me that I hate. I can reveal myself to you – unfiltered. I can promise to love you bravely and fearlessly and show you how ethereal you really are.

I can’t convince you to love me but that won’t stop me from loving you.

—Rania Naim

"Ha, Ha, No"             5.5.16

You act fine,
Like you were never mine.
Don't lie,
we both know you were once or twice mine before.
But don't expect me to let you walk through my closed door.
It's not for you, boo-hoo.
You can weep while I peacefully sleep.
I don't care, you weren't there.
Now you're here,
but I have disappeared.
Saying you're sorry,
Saying you're in love.
Don't worry...
Guess you were never taught
to never mess with a b*tch that doesn't like strangers,
'Cos they're not afraid to bite.


As I look back at this 2 years later, this is cringy asf.
When someone is in love with you and you have no feelings for them or when you have feelings for someone who doesn't have any for you. Your heart breaks just the same, you have got to understand that.
"Jump", it says.
"Go on, no one is stopping you", it continues. . . .
I agreed...
No one is stopping me. . .I could do as offered right now!
I'm ready
I close my eyes, think of my runaway home, and smile.
My eyes open...and...i'm still where I hated.
"Jump", it says again.
. . .My feet arent moving, but my bones are dying.
Jumping themselves.
Why wont i move?
What's stopping me?
No one.
If I'm the one stopping myself...Doesn't that make me a no one?
My significant other and I
were told that we absolutely have to watch
"The Notebook
why? No idea
neither of us are interested in romantic films
so, it took some deciding but we just thought "why not?"
so needless to say towards the end of the movie we were both crying our eyes out holding each other and honestly that's my fondest memory of us, something I always hold onto. 
Don't let him make you feel like he's the victim
Don't let him sweet talk you into forgiving him. 
Don't let him bring up happy memories while you try to let go. 
Don't let him tell you how cute you are when you're mad. 
Don't let him see you smile when you're serious and upset. 
Don't let him hold you after an problem that hasn't gotten resolved
Don't let him laugh at you for opening up. 
Don't let him criticize you after you tell him what's bothering you. 
Don't let him see you cry. 
Don't let him watch you pack your bags. 
Don't let him convince you to stay. 
Don't let him tell you it will never happen again. 
Don't let him make promises you know he's not going to keep. 
Don't let him in..
Don't let him make you think you can't do the things listed above. 
I like sitting outside in my white rocking chair and look at the stars. I like to try to count them, even knowing I'll never be able to really count them all. I like to sit in my rocking chair, and smoke a cigarette. Been smoking these a lot lately. I like watching how the white paper turns orange than black. I lke watching how fire, can take something with color, and turn it black. I like looking at trees, following their branches with my eyes and wonder how long it'd take to draw out their every detail. But do you know what I dont like? I dont like how looking into the dark, somehow makes me feel safe. (thurs @8:38 pm)
I don’t want to be pitied. I don’t want people trying to “fix” me or trying to “help” me. I want to be left alone. I want to be understood. And I want to be able to do what I want. Am I strong enough to overcome self infliction? Am I strong enough to keep the monsters inside me at bay? No. No, probably not. But I’ll be damned if I let them stay. So I’ll give up this time, like I always do.. and let them pass through. Then, I’ll be okay for a little while. Then, I’ll finally be fine. Sooner or later, they’ll come back though. They always do..
you dont know my brain, the way u know my name
you dont know my heart the way u know my face