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why, hello little boys and girls. the name’s mariah:) i’m a freshman in the HORRIBLE state of new york -____- i’m single, unfortunately. i guess i’m too good for any one;) don’t call me cocky and that shit. i like to keep my glass half full or just completely full. ya’ know which ever one is better, i guess. i like, scratch that, LOVE devon bostick, michael cera, ryan gosling, and josh duhamel♥.Even though I fucking hate rap music, Watsky and Eminem are my favorite♥. Adele is my favorite artist, she's amazing♥ i like stripes and zebras. wanna see me? wanna see me? wanna see me? click this, now. i’m sarcastic about 98% of the time. i’m very dirty-minded and i love it. PLANKING IS THE FUCKING STUPIDEST THING EVER, IDGAF. I fucking hate immature people, like grow the fuck up. don't call yourself a “photographer” bitch. do you work for a photography company? NO. so stop attempting to take good pictures because really, the’re fucking shitty and half-assed. i tell people how it is and if you don’t like it, i REALLY don’t care;) i enjoy singing obnoxiously in public. DON’T LIKE MY ATITTUDE? TOO BAD. i love looking for objects in clouds and staring at the stars. i HATE it when people type liiK3 dii$. as you can see, i don’t care what people think of me. i’m very open-minded and outgoing. i’m loud, i enjoy being loud. anything else, just ya’ know, comment or whatever. peace ♥

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My Little Brother Gets His

Heart Surgery Tomorrow.

In The Morning, Early, Early.

Wish Us Luck?


That I'm the only one without a guy and thinking why my?
What's wrong? am i not good enough? i just need love, that's all 
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The Annoying Moment When
your nail polish cap won't come off because the nail polish decided to go and superglue itself together


Had a dream I

was king

I woke up...

still king


Fave if you love to play



or Softball

Don't mind me.. 
 If i get weak in the knee's, 
Cause you have that effect on me... 

Today,i saw a license plate that said