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hii, im mckenna,
im 15 years old
i live in a little town,
sports and friends are my life,
some say im bubbly and outgoing,
my lifes pretty epic so get to know me


Quotes by mckennax27


Boy, Your Pants Are Looking Mighty

Loose, You Mind If I Squeeze In To

Make 'Em Fit ?

N          M F

& I Don't
Miss The Way You
Treated Me...

When He Says My Name,
I Melt..

Don't Jock :)

You Told Me You Were Different,
But The Only Thing Different About You
Is You Got Into My Bed Faster...
I Love You,
Every Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute, And Second.
I Promise

I'd Just Like

To Say Hello



Jockers, You Can Kill



I Promised


I Would Never Love You Again,

But Truth Is I Never Stopped

-not my format.

|                                     Mr. Perfect                                          |

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